2011 – Move to Germany

2011 is almost coming to an end and what an adventurous and exciting year this has been.  Even in the wildest of my dreams never thought I will be living in Europe let alone visit it. Back in February, when M was trying his best to get out of his then current job, he applied for jobs everywhere mainly in India. Suddenly out of the blue, a recruiter from Germany contacted him and we laughed and mulled over how it would be if something like that worked out! He also had plenty of other opportunities lined up, with Auto Industry picking it seemed like suddenly everyone was interested in hiring experienced Engineers.

After a series of phone interviews and in person interviews with several companies(US, Canada, Sweden, Germany) during which he practically drove me nuts by playing Devil’s advocate in deciding which would be the best pick, finally around first week of May we decided on Germany.

Started to get slowly in the relocation mood, threw away so much junk that we had collected in the last 10 years, still have enough to let 50 people lead life comfortably, he left US in July end towards greener (colder)pastures. Managing a toddler with a move out of the country if someone had told me that I will be doing an year ago, I would have laughed my head off. It wasn’t that bad considering the no. of trips within US and get togethers, but I really wanted to get my head checked the day I agreed that I will manage it on my own!

He was such a trooper taking all the changes without much complaint ofcourse mom was a different story.  We landed in Munich on beautiful sunny day in August, much to my surprise it was bloooody hot! Living in San Diego, we have gotten used to cool summers and warm winters which means the temperature practically stays within 50-70 range.

So began the adventure of house hunting which was soon turning out to be a nightmare, paying a real estate agent 2.38 times your rent just to send an application through them was just ridiculous and I yelled and screamed saying this is utter nonsense. Finally ate humble pie and paid through nose and got ourselves a nice large apartment. Day care was another adventure as well, finally things started to fall in place and got T admitted to a nearby place.

Germany is a wonderful country, good blend of East and West.  Cars, Roads as you can imagine at their best. Houses are built in cement and brick and made me feel very  much at home when I discovered a plumbing problem in the kitchen. Like I said it is a perfect mix of US and India and we are very glad that with our choice so far. Ofcourse one often wonders the wisdom of leaving a comfortable job where you don’t worry about having to prove yourself all over again and getting your much needed time for self. I do not want to get all misty eyed remembering the comfortable life, but embracing a new life like this waking up early(relatively speaking), getting kid to day care within time (which never happened in US), catching bus on the right time(Have I mentioned the German Precision), getting back, preparing lunch, going back to get T from day care, feeding, changing, playing, giving a bath, getting him to nap, get 2-3 hours time in a day to do laundry, cleanup the mess, read or catch up news on internet, wake him again, play, feed, start getting dinner ready, getting him to bed. Did I tell you that the husband comes late every day almost J (lucky guy).  No one said SAHM was easy and I for one can vouch for that! But I love the time that I have gotten to spend with T (much to his surprise), even though he probably gets yelled at a lot as well. So here I am mid way between leaving a comfortable albeit slightly boring life and heading towards an exciting, adventurous and a really tiring one.

More later!



Hallo Deutschland!

I haven’t written a single post in the 2 years, which is not saying much considering that I only posted 2 before this one. Now that I have some ‘free’ time on my hands, being a SAHM, I better put that to good use instead of just lurking and reading about others in their blogs. Will try and post something every day )a little too ambitious) err week.

These are the big updates so far in life:

Dear T is 2 1/2 years and has officially become a non stop chatter. He has even ‘forbid’ us from singing and dancing. Left USA after 10 long years and moved to Germany, mainly because of M’s career. Lots to share about the move itself and ofcourse settling in a new place, new country, new language and new people has been extremely interesting.

Miss our sunny SD on days like this when the temps fall below zero and it is bloooodddy freezing inside the house.

Auf Wiederschen!

Crawling, Cruising, Walking – What next College Admissions!

The headline says it all….My lil baby suddenly decided to literally get off his butt and crawl, earlier this week,  that too across the entire floor in his first attempt! Too bad M missed all the fun seeing his lil baby’s super dooper achievements. Mommy does deserve a pat in the back for taking videos on cellphone and sharing it with appa. Next thing you know, he cruising along the sofa and today he pushed his walker all by himself across the entire living and kitchen.

Happy 10th month Bday to you! So many changes just in the last month, can’t wait for the rest, even though a little part of me want to hold on his really kutti paapa stage. Soon he will be a toddler and not an infant, I guess that deserves a seperate post when it happens!

The other big change that is going to happen in all of our lives is that T will be going to day care in a week! I am hoping and praying that his caretaker(whomever) it will be will love our baby as much as she can and take care of him to the fullest of her abilities.

Other updates from my side:

Missing M a lot! 2 weeks just flew by with so much to do at work! I am looking forward to my well deserved break and spending a lot of time with T and M. Also upcoming India trip is looming around the corner, more on that later!



Since I did not have an  online Scrapbook for T until this blog, I finally got a chance to jot down some of his milestones in the last 9 1/2 months!

Apr 2009

  • 12th – My Baby Boy, T came to this world – screaming and kicking and M said “Whoa, he is already here!”
  • 16th – Mom and Baby’s homecoming
  • The first month is so hazy, all I remember is feeding, sleeping and asking M to sleep each of the 100 times he woke up during the nights.

May 2009

  • 8th – Punyavachanam alais Naming Ceremony
  • 26th – First smile at dad, met most of my family (Cousins and their kids flew in from everywhere)
  • 27 – First outing to the Balboa Park with family ( Baby slept peacefully throughout)

June 2009

  • 19 – First out of town outing to LA (Malibu Temple, Malibu Zuma Beach)
  • Lots and lots of smiling

July 2009

  • 4th – Trip to Big Bear with Amma, Appa, Thatha, Paati
  • 6th- Went back to work, it was a welcome change from (feeding,changing diapers) but missed kuttipaapa a lot!
  • 2nd week – Work already getting boring, am looking fwd to being at home with baby.  No signs of baby sleeping through the night, I thot someone mentioned 3rd month (Maybe next growth spurt will be lucky afterall!!!)
  • Last week – Bday had a blast with the girls at work

Aug 2009

  • 1st week – Rolled over, turned over, laughing, giggling, T is turning out to be a fun kid! Interacts with all of us a lot more with all his antics, parents and grandparents couldn’t be more proud!
  • 15th – Thatha, Paati left for India
  • Spent the last 2 weeks with baby at home had lotsa fun, T starts getting stranger anxiety! (Mom finally gets a sense that baby did recognize her even though I was the fourth in his favorite list (thatha, appa, paati and then me!)
  • 27th – Inlaws arrived , baby wailed after the first 5 mins, he got pretty comfy from the next day onwards making everyone happy with his squeals and giggles!

Sept 2009

  • 1st week: Sis in law and her cutie pie son R arrived, big family get together at husband side of the family. First time meeting for baby with athai, she got us lotsa goodies, all the useful toys! ( I think I will be smart in buying gifts for other babies hereonwards, having your own baby opens your eyes i tell ya!)
  • 3rd week: Started with solids (Hated Cereals and Peas, T doesnt mind Earth’s Best Veggies though – Carrots being his fav)
  • 4th week: Started teething (Still no sign of sleeping through night)

Oct 2009:

  • 1st – Got two teeny tooth in the front, started sitting very nicely
  • 10th – Attended family wedding in LA, met lot more family on M’s side, it was a fun gettogether, baby getting loads of attention!
  • 2nd, 3rd weeks – T Started Sitting comfortably without any support, flapping hands, peekaboo, clapping etc (too many activities around the  sixth month mark!
  • Last week – Rolling over the entire room and lots more giggling/smiling

Nov 2009

  • First Diwali for baby, not being in india, he didnt miss much!
  • First flight to New Jersey, he was such a doll, slept through the flight most of the time.
  • Baby got his first cold and congestion, the experience was terrible.
  • Because of my carelessness and bedsheet’s silky nature, baby hit the side table and floor all in one tumble from the bed (officially I have earned the worst mother tag – 0h wait till you hear Jan’s update)
  • Back to San Diego for a whole month of baby and me time yayaayay!

Dec 2009:

  • I tried working from home, while taking care of baby who by the way has become very demanding and extremely dramatic in his tantrums(Seperation anxiety), you cannot leave his sight even for a single second, he will scream and cry and try and bring the house down! It was one of the toughest but also extremely exciting month in mom and baby’s calendar. We  used to go for long walks during lunch breaks, attend meetings while cooking/feeding/cleaning diapers and take cuddly naps.

  • During Christmas – New Year holidays, I just took a break from work and enjoyed spending quality time with M and T. Went for a short getaway to Laguna Beach and immensely enjoyed it!
  • On baby’s development front, T can stand with support and walk with help and 6 teeth! (No signs of crawling yet)
  • What a great year 2009 was! Waiting for more exciting developments in 2010.

Jan 2010:

  • T can Stand/Walk/Cruise with help.
  • Finally sleeping through the night! It took all of 9 months to get here!
  • Ok, this was a really freaky accident, I was pasting a photo on an application form and couldn’t find anything else except the SuperGlue. T was happily hanging out of a chair, so I rushed to his side to rescue him from falling off the chair, while somehow managing to get a small drop of the superglue in his teeny tiny hand. He immediately rubbed them on his eyes and both his lashes got stuck with super glue.. Here was I thinking baby is super sleepy and went upstairs to make him sleep, suddenly I just looked into his right eye which was tightly shut and T started crying. The panic, the fear, the million apologies and prayers that I offered in the next 20 mins, I cant imagine going through that again. No amount of water helped, my brave MIL did the magic trick of pulling his eyelids apart with some me helping with oil. Finally took him to his pediatrician who removed the rest of the glue. He cried is heart out and poor baby had a swollen,puffy eye for the rest of the day. Felt like the worst mother in the entire planet. Its one thing when accidents happen beyond what we can control and something else when you actually cause the accident! Sorry Teju, amma will be more careful from here onwards! M is waiting for me to get over my guilt so that he can tease me, guess will have to pretend to be Guilty for some more time 🙂

Feb 2010

  • First week : T is getting on all fours, took couple of strides in the crawling department, successfully getting up and sitting from lying down position. He also claps his hands in a very cute manner and yaps non-stop


Hello There!

Wishing you all a wonderful and a very Happy New year! I have been spending a lot of time lately visiting a bunch of mommy blogs when I chanced upon this wonderful BloggerMommy. I should have done this long time back (ever since we found that I was pregnant in 2008), figured it is never too late.

So here I am with the new year and a newer blog. I hope this will be a fun experience as it seems to promises!